• When is the best time to have the moulds done?

The sooner the better!

You then capture that cute newborn size with all that small little lines and wrinkles.

BUT there is no time limit as to what age it can be done.

Although we focus on newborn babies, we also do toddlers, older children, adults and even grandparents castings.



  • How does the casting process work?

The whole process is completely painless and no discomfort for your baby.

We mix the product powder with water, then covers the baby’s hands and feet, as the mixture sets within seconds into a firm and 

flexible “glove”.

The mould is then slipped off gently, which leaves the little hands and feet clean.

Our product is non-toxic, medically packaged baby safe ad contains no harmful chemicals.

Under no circumstances will your little one have any allergic reactions during or after the making of the moulds.

They can even put their little hands in their mouth afterwards.



  • How long does the appointment take?

We work on hourly appointments.

The moulds will then be taken, you will have decided on the look of your frame and your order form will be completed.

When we make more than one frame, for the grandparents, it will take a bit longer.

There is enough time for feeding and diaper change as well.


  • If I want more than one frame, can you use the same moulds?

Unfortunately not. Each mould are only used once as they are cut open to remove the casting.

If you want more than one frame, we must make another set of moulds.

This way each set is also unique and no hands and feet comes out looking the same.


  • I want an open hand …… ?

The outcome of the casting depends on how the baby positioned their little hand during the time the mould sets.

It sounds “cheeky” but you can’t tell a newborn baby to keep their hands open during the making of the moulds.

Never the less, the outcome of the moulds are always cute and beautiful.

You are lucky when an open hand does come out.


  • What does Baby Steps frames consists of?

Our frames are boxed framed (with glass tops), with 2 hands, 2 feet and a plaque with your little one’s details.

We have various colours of boards to choose from. There is also a choice for your frame from our range of samples.

The colour of the hands and feet can either be Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Metallic Silver or Bronze.


  • How long is the waiting period for completion of the frames?

After deposits has been received, the waiting period is between 8-10 weeks.

We will notify you as soon as your frame is ready for collection. 


  • How does payment work?

We ask a 50% deposit on the day that the moulds are made.

Payment can be done via EFT or cash.